Sophomores must declare a major by the end of the sophomore year, and should also declare a minor. Juniors must submit a Baccalaureate plan, including plans for completeing a major and a minor; this plan uses the same forms that are used for declaring the major or minor in the first place. This page has links to the forms that you will need if you are majoring or minoring in mathematics or computer science.

Declaration/Audit of Major Forms

Mathematics B.A. Major
Mathematics B.S. Major
Computer Science B.A. Major
Computer Science B.S. Major

Declaration/Audit of Minor Forms

Mathematics Minor
Computer Science Minor

Baccalaureate Plan

Baccalaureate Plan Form
(Juniors need this form to complete their
baccalaureate plan; forms for majors and
minors in other departments can be found in the
Guide to majors and minors.)